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ISE 2022 to be an all online meeting

The Local Organizing Committee of ISE 2022 has been trying to fulfill the commitment to the IAHR to host ISE 2022 successfully. Unfortunately the current Covid-19 situation in China makes an onsite conference almost impossible. The Local Organizing Committee decide
  1. The symposium will be held in October as planned.
  2. The symposium will be held all online, with a small onsite venue coordinating the participants.
  3. We will co-operate with 4-5 journals to publish conference papers in special issues.
  4. Registration fee will not be charged to online participants. $100 will be charged for publishing papers in journals, asking for proceedings and citation certification.
We will move forward the organization of the conference by preparing the proceedings and journal special issues, setting up the facilities for the online meeting, and launching the financial service. The details of special issues and fees are shown under the Menu "Take Part".